Congrats to Our Trading Contest Winners! 🏆 Rewards Claimable on Solv Platform

Dear Trolls,

In celebration of the successful launch of our Priority Queue, we launched a Trading Contest with over US$20,000 in OSWAP Rewards for OpenSwap users who swap against our queues!

The contest has finally ended with over 17K entries, we are excited to announce the winners of our trading contest! We are grateful for all of your enthusiastic participation in this event.

Congratulations to our winners of the Trading Contest — Listed below are the 10 winners of the OpenSwap Priority Queue Trading Contest by their submitted BSC wallet address in the order of 1st place to 10th place, as well as the lucky winner of the bonus lucky draw.

Trading Contest Winners:

🥇 1st: 0x64df…d3cf4b

🥈 2nd: 0x0ba5…84431f

🥉 3rd: 0x67a4…e4c6ad

4th: 0x6104…956058

5th: 0x9c4b…d5b36f

6th: 0xdbc3…ae4cb7

7th: 0x9ecf…365384

8th: 0x2469…c074b8

9th: 0x8257…E36330

10th: 0xC009….B9b622

Bonus Lucky Draw:

💎Winner: 0x67A4…e4c6aD

The prizes will be rewarded in the form of $OSWAP Vesting Vouchers powered by Solv Protocol and shall be ready to be claimed by contest winners on the Solv platform within 7 calendar days from the time of this announcement.

What Are $OSWAP Vesting Vouchers?

Vesting Vouchers are a new type of digital asset, and to ensure these vouchers are flexible for trading, they will be splittable and can be divided into multiple, independent, non-fungible derivative instances. As the assets get unlocked, holders can freely trade or transfer these Vesting Vouchers on the Solv platform as well as other NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea. If you have any further questions regarding the Trading Contest, kindly drop a question in the OpenSwap Official Community.

Thanks again for the continued support, and do stay closely tuned to our socials for other upcoming $OSWAP rewards opportunities and exciting OpenSwap technology rollouts.

About OpenSwap

OpenSwap is the world’s first DEX providing on-chain swaps at zero slippage and multi-chain arbitrage opportunities. As the DeFi universe continues to expand, liquidity becomes increasingly scattered across multiple chains and the situation is poised to get worse as new chains emerge with individual DEXs on each chain. The OpenSwap team has been working for the past several months on building up a vision of a comprehensive one-stop DeFi hub that offers the best on-chain pricing, multi-chain arbitrage, and zero slippage, allowing users to experience revolutionary benefits through optimizing their trades through unique features such as Liquidity Queues, Hybrid Smart Router, and Open Interchain Protocol.

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Integrated DeFi Hub designed for the decentralized landscape. Currently on Binance Smart Chain.

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OpenSwap DEX

OpenSwap DEX

Integrated DeFi Hub designed for the decentralized landscape. Currently on Binance Smart Chain.

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