OpenSwap x Immunefi: Bug Bounty Program

  • OpenSwap Bug Bounty Program will offer up to $50,000 to anyone who finds viable and actionable security vulnerabilities in OpenSwap’s code
  • Smart contracts of OpenSwap can be found at Github

Dear Trolls,

As OpenSwap continues to develop our core technologies and expand to other EVM compatible chains, the OpenSwap team is firmly committed to securing our users’ digital assets and the interests of our investors. It is of utmost importance for our team, community, and ecosystem that we ensure all funds are kept SAFU.

It is for this reason that we are elated to announce the rollout of the OpenSwap Bug Bounty program with Immunefi.

Our bug bounty program is available here:

Our Partnership with Immunefi

Immunefi is a service that sets up bug bounty programs for DeFi projects. These programs will incentivize white and grey hat hackers to report vulnerabilities that they find in protocols in exchange for rewards.

The Immunefi bounty program will provide added value to our project’s safety and security on top of our smart contract audits, and we believe it is a great way to get the community involved and incentivize talented community members to help protect OpenSwap from potential risks.

How it Works

  • Submission of a bug will be as simple as clicking the Immunefi link on the bug bounty section of the OpenSwap website or by going directly to the Immunefi website’s OpenSwap bug submission page

This bug bounty program is focused on our smart contracts and will primarily be worked towards preventing issues related but not limited to:

  • Thefts and freezing of unclaimed digital assets
  • Theft of governance funds
  • Governance activity disruption

All smart contracts of OpenSwap can be found at our Github. For all details regarding the program, please visit the Immunefi OpenSwap bounty page here.

We look forward to a bright future with our partners at Immunefi. Please feel free to reach out to our core team or community managers if you have any questions regarding the program.

Learn More About OpenSwap

We encourage our supporters to partake in community discussions to help better shape OSWAP tokenomics and help us generate more ideas for future utilities. Users may express their ideas to our core team by joining the OpenSwap Official Community.

More information about OpenSwap will be shared with our community as the project develops. In the meanwhile, follow us on social media to receive the latest news and updates from OpenSwap.











Integrated DeFi Hub designed for the decentralized landscape. Currently on Binance Smart Chain.

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Integrated DeFi Hub designed for the decentralized landscape. Currently on Binance Smart Chain.

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